Development, manufacture and sale of LED display systems

Through the development, manufacture and sale of world-class high-definition LED display systems, we are helping expand the possibilities of visual presentations and digital signage.

Pursuit of user friendliness based on the voices of actual users

The hibino chromatek Div. develops products in line with a policy of providing user-friendly products. As early as the product planning stage, the division incorporates the opinions of system engineers and operators who work onsite for visual presentations, and asks these workers to use the developed products on a trial basis. By incorporating their opinions into the development process, the division is striving to develop user-friendly products that best meet the needs of actual users.

Displaying higher quality in all scenes

As its biggest feature, the ChromaLED high-definition LED display system delivers clear sharp images even under severe lighting conditions. The system also allows the layout of LED units on a range of screen formats, including curved, round, wavy and reed-shaped screens to help make innovative and impressive visual presentations under any conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

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