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hibino pro audio sales Div.
  • Import and Sales of audio and communication equipment for professionals from all over the world.
  • Design and Construction of Audio Visual equipment.

hibino chromatek Div.
  • Design, Manufacture and Sales of LED Display Systems.
  • Design, Construction, Sales and Maintenance of AV&IT systems.
  • Digital Signage Systems.

hibino sound Div.
  • Rental, and Operation and Planning of audio systems for rock and pop concerts and other events.
  • Record live concerts and various events, and then, mixdown and mastering.

hibino visual Div.
  • Rental, Operation and Planning of AV&IT systems including LED, Truck-Mounted Visual Displays, Satellite Communication systems and so on.

hibino GMC
  • Management Planning Dept.
  • Business Strategy and Planning.
  • Public Relations Dept.
  • General Affairs Dept.
  • Personnel Affairs Dept.
  • Accounting Dept.
  • Financial Dept.
  • Import & Export Dept.
  • Computer System Dept.
  • Secretary Office.

Internal Auditing Office