Planning and design of concert sound systems,
rental and operation of necessary equipment, and live recording,
mixing and mastering

We are leading the industry as a pioneer in concert sound systems.
We have incomparably more advanced technologies and operational know-how, human resources who are at the highest level in Japan, and an overwhelmingly large assortment of equipment to meet a range of customer needs.

Providing sound systems developed based on a unique music theory

The hibino sound Div. has a wealth of hands-on knowledge about concert halls located across Japan. Based on abundant expertise and know-how, the division provides a range of sound systems and services, while building up its own music theory. Specifically, the division makes plans for sound systems, and rents and operates sound equipment in response to various needs of concert and event organizers.

Overwhelmingly high potential

The hibino sound Div. has 30 teams to manage the operation of sound systems simultaneously at five domes and arenas. With its field staff and equipment that are incomparable in terms of both quantity and quality, Hibino meets every request of customers and has won great trust from both Japanese and overseas artists.

Recording skill & technology widely recognized across the world.

The sound engineers in hibino sound Div. have reliable skill & technologies and also the power of expression, as proven by the fact that the work in which one of them participated won a Grammy Award. From their guaranteed highly trained skills, those veteran engineers can provide full-scale digital services, including live recording by the use of a large mobile recording studio truck named “Odyssey”, from mixing and mastering through to CD production at our own recording studio equipped with “Pro Tools HDX” and the latest DAW system.