Social media policy

Social Media Policy

Hibino Corporation(hereinafter, "the Company") complies with the following policy concerning the operation of the Company's official social media accounts.

Basic policy

When participating in social media, the Company's employees operating the official account shall always be self-disciplined to ensure that there is no behavior that deviates from socially-accepted norms and shall aim for appropriate transmission of information and high quality communication.

Attitude toward understanding the nature of and participation in social media

Social media is managed with the full understanding that information transmitted on the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified large number of users and that information once disseminated can never be entirely deleted.
Company employees shall take a listening stance, always try to act responsibly, and transmit information with good sense.

Compliance with laws and regulations and internal rules

Information is transmitted in strict compliance with laws and regulations and internal rules prescribed by the Company. The Company does not engage in acts that infringe a third-party's copyright and portrait rights, of defamation, or of slander that injures a third-party or infringes other rights.

Instructions and requests to all customers and users

  • Although the Company pays careful attention to the information transmitted from the official account, the nature of social media means that the information does not necessarily express the Company's official view. Official announcements are disclosed on the Company's website.
  • The information on social media is current at the time of transmission and may be subsequently changed.
  • Procedures differ depending on the account, so please refer to the individual official accounts for details.
  • Please refer to Hibino Corporation's Privacy Policy concerning the protection of personal information.

The end

List of official social media accounts

TwitterOfficial Twitter account

HIBINO Hibino Group @Hibino_Group(Opens in a separate window)
Hibino Group's official Twitter account. Transmitting various information about the Hibino Group such as products, merchandise, services, campaigns, and corporate activities focused on sound and images.
Community guidelines

FacebookOfficial Facebook page

Hibino Corporation hibino marketing Div.(Opens in a separate window)
Hibino Corporation hibino marketing Div.'s official Facebook page. Notification of merchandise information focused on professional sound equipment and event information such as that on trade shows and seminars.

YouTubeOfficial YouTube channel

HIBINO Hibino Group(Opens in a separate window)
Hibino Group's official YouTube channel. Introduces merchandise information focused on sound and video equipments, products, service informations, tutorials and corporate activities with videos.