Planning and design of visual systems for concerts and other events,
and rental and operation of the necessary equipment

Technologies for large images and abundant operational know-how accumulated through long years of experience. Based on our expertise and excellence in the two areas of sound and imagery, we give full support to visual presentations, using the most advanced equipment and systems available in the industry.

Equipment and technologies ranked in the top class in the industry

We have high quality, high-definition LED display systems, projectors and other large visual equipment, as well as leading-edge visual and sound systems on the greatest scale in the industry. Moreover, based on our own technologies and operational know-how established through long years of experience and achievements, our highly skilled engineers form teams to make the best use of the equipment so as to help make more effective visual presentations at events.

Visual technology and planning that caters to diverse client needs

Hibino creates exemplary visual systems tailored to each event' s unique specifications and image presentations to express what its customer has envisioned. Customers can rely on the company' s visual services for any event including concerts, exhibitions, conventions, sport events, ceremonies and expositions.