LED Screen

  • Sapphire 1.5

    • Featured High Definition 1.5mm pitch LED screen
    • Supported 4K full display in 275inch
    • Indoor usage only, installation by stacking or rigging
    • Aspect ration 16:9 per panel
    • Dimension: 494.4 x 278.1 x 88.6mm (W x H x D)/Tile
  • Vanish 8S

    UNO MISAKO LIVE TOUR 2019 - Honey Story-
    • Featured High Transparency 8.94mm pitch LED Screen
    • Transparency 62% with Blackface Mask
    • Ultra-lightweight 9.4kg/Tile
    • Dimension: 1000 x 1000 x 68mm (W x H x D)/Tile
  • Black Marble 5

    • Creative floor LED tiles with 5.77mm pitch
    • Waterproof spec applies for indoor and outdoor use
    • Ability to hold up to 1000Kg/m2 due to heavy duty construction
    • Dimension: 600 x 600 x 103mm (W x H x D)

    Type ADownloadPDF/638KB
    Type BDownloadPDF/346KB
    • Car-mounted LED system with 8.0mm pitch
    • AII in ONE – Equipped screen, power, display and sound system
    • Supported All-weather uses
    • Max brightness, 5000cd/sqm gives full contrast even during daytime
    • 2 type available
    • Dimension: 203inch wide, 4.48m x 2.56m
BlackOnyX2 Indoor 2.84mm W500mm x H500mm x D90mm DownloadPDF/493KB
BlackOnyX3 Indoor 3.47mm W500mm x H500mm x D90mm DownloadPDF/483KB
Carbon5 Outdoor 5.77mm W600mm x H1200mm x D76.3mm DownloadPDF/484KB
Carbon9 Outdoor 9.375mm W600mm x H1200mm x D83mm DownloadPDF/570KB
G8 Black Outdoor 8.00mm W640mm x H960mm x D116.7mm DownloadPDF/682KB
Black Marble 4 Creative 4.76mm W609.6mm x H609.6mm x D130mm DownloadPDF/500KB


UDX-4K32 Barco DownloadPDF/282KB
PT-RZ31KJ Panasonic DownloadPDF/293KB
PT-DZ21K Panasonic DownloadPDF/278KB
PT-DZ13K Panasonic DownloadPDF/253KB

Media Server

  • milo projection mapping (disguise, NOTCH, BlackTrax)
  • YUZU 20th Anniversary DOME TOUR 2017 YUZUIROHA
As for the video server, it used for simul play, synchronized with other equipment at the field and also, it is known as mapping and a simulator tool from the start.
In today, it expands to the field of VR, AR, XR by the combinations with some of tracking technologies.
We Hibino always explores possibility of the VISUAL in the next-generation and keep continue R & D for that.
  • disguise

    • rx / vx4 / gx2c / 4x4pro
    • Largest inventory in Japan
    • Available to configure systems With Blacktrax
  • GreenHippo

    • Hippotizer V4 Montaneal + / Hippotizer V4 Boreal + / Hippotizer V4 Karst DVI

Video production system

  • Multi Screen Processor

    Barco E2 4K Screen Management Processor
    • 28 inputs (8 x HD-SDI, 8 x DisplayPort, 8 x HDMI)
    • 14 outputs (4 x HD-SDI, 8 x HDMI)
    S3-4K Compact and modular design processor with E2 technology.
    • 12 inputs (4 x SDI, 4 x DisplayPort, 4 x HDMI)
    • 8 outputs (4 x SDI, 4 x HDMI)
    ANALOGWAY ASC-4806-4K-PL 4K Seamless switcher with 12 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs.
    Impressive video effects with Perspective Layer function.
    Christie Spyder X80 80 megapixel processing power allows multiple 4K display control with low latency.
  • Production switcher

    FOR-A HVS-4000HSA
    HVS-XT100 Portable video switcher inherited the functions and features of HVS-300HS
    Panasonic AV-HS6000 2ME Live Switcher with 32xSDI and 2xDVI inputs and 16xSDI outputs
    AV-UHS500 4K,3G-SDI compatible switcher with portability and simple set up
  • Camera

    Panasonic AK-UC4000M3 4K studio camera contains a newly developed large 4.4K sensor
    AW-HE70SK9 Full HD PTZ camera with x30 optical zoom
    AW-UE150 4k compatible PTZ camera with x20 optical zoom
    SONY HSC-300RF Portable HD/SD camera with 3CCDs
  • Lens

    CANON UJ111x8.3 ISS
    XJ95x8.6B ISS
    HJ40x10B IASD-V
  • Player / Recorder

    Grass Valley T2 4K ELITE 4K(DCI/UHD), HD, SD compatible player/recorder. Simultaneous 2ch playback
    Roland PR-810HD Uncompressed 1080/60p playback with quick response
    Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K Mini Portable Thunderbolt 3 capture and playback deck
    HyperDeck Studio 12G
    AJA Ki Pro Apple ProRes422 compatible recorder with simple control