Philosophy System of the Hibino Group

Philosophy System of the Hibino Group

Philosophy System of the Hibino Group expresses clearly the stance, sense of direction and value, which underpin all corporate activities of the Hibino Group.

hilosophy System Diagram


Philosophy is our fundamental approach to corporate management which defines what makes us Hibino. This is nothing but the spirit of foundation which the Hibino Group should continue to embrace perpetually.

Creation & Innovation


Purpose is the corporate mission and raison d'être that the Hibino Group should fulfill to people all over the world and the society. All of the corporate activities of the Hibino Group are for achieving the Purpose.

Creating Emotions Around the World
with Sounds and Visuals


Vision describes what the Hibino Group is striving for and the management goals that we aim to achieve through pursuing the Purpose.

For a Global Hibino

The Hibino Group engages in business in Asia, North America and Europe, leveraging its unique business model that combines sales, installation and services focused on sound and visual images, and aims to be one of the world's top AV & IT groups.


This is the Hibino gene that has been passed down from generation to generation since the Company was established in 1964. This value is shared by all employees working for the Hibino Group and is a mental attitude that we hold dear.

Hibino's 10 Creeds

  1. 1.Quality is our top priority.
  2. 2.Safety First. Zero accidents on-site and zero traffic accidents.
  3. 3.On-site Management through bottom-up solutions.
  4. 4.Working Professionals who are committed to high standards.
  5. 5.Always be the Forerunner through pioneering products and services.
  6. 6.Be the Most-Trusted Group, appreciated by our clients.
  7. 7.Be the One and Only Hibino Group pursuing things that only we can create.
  8. 8.Take on new challenges for large-scale business, aiming to be No. 1 in the World.
  9. 9.Continuously evolving through Innovation.
  10. 10.Health management because a healthy mind and body are the most important.

Code of Conduct of the Hibino Group

The Hibino Group established the Code of Conduct in order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by taking a comprehensive view of economic, social and environmental aspects in the course of its business activities.

  1. 1.Provide socially useful products and services
    The Hibino Group respects the increasingly diverse social needs of its customers and strives to provide safe, high-quality products and services that lead the industry through innovations based on feedback from the field.
  2. 2.Conduct fair business with free competition
    The Hibino Group complies with laws and regulations, and engages in fair and free competition and appropriate business transactions.
  3. 3.Manage and appropriately disclose corporate information
    The Hibino Group manages corporate information appropriately and discloses corporate information to shareholders and other investors in an appropriate manner.
  4. 4.Conduct management with a long-term perspective
    The Hibino Group aims to be number one and the “one and only” in the industry by always taking a long-term perspective in management without focusing solely on short-term earnings.
  5. 5.Respect humanity
    The Hibino Group respects fundamental human rights and does not discriminate. In addition, based on a respect for humanity, we recognize the diverse values of individuals and respect their personalities and individuality.
  6. 6.Reform work styles and enhance work environments
    The Hibino Group is committed to enhancing the skills of its employees and developing employees who are professionals in the industry while enabling work styles that respect diversity, personality, and individuality. In addition, we create comfortable work environments that take health and safety into consideration.
  7. 7.Respect the global environment
    The Hibino Group proactively addresses environmental issues and actively contributes to the creation of a rich and healthy social environment.
  8. 8.Perform social contribution activities
    As a good corporate citizen, the Hibino Group actively engages in social contribution activities.
  9. 9.Conduct thorough crisis management
    The Hibino Group conducts thorough crisis management using a systematic approach to prepare for the actions of antisocial forces, terrorism, cyberattacks, natural disasters, etc. that threaten the lives of the public and business activities.
  10. 10.Role of the top management and thorough compliance with the Code of Conduct
    The top management of the Hibino Group manages the Company with the recognition that it is its role to act in the spirit of this Code of Conduct, establishes effective governance and ensures that all employees within the Company and the Group are fully aware of the Code of Conduct. In addition, we encourage our supply chain to act based on the spirit of the Code of Conduct as well. Furthermore, in the event that a situation arises that violates the spirit of the Code of Conduct, causing society to lose trust in us, the top management will take the initiative in striving to resolve the problem, investigate the cause, prevent a recurrence, etc., and will fulfill its responsibilities.

Formulated on March 18, 2008
Revised on May 11, 2018