About the Hibino Group

Providing the best solution by linking various specialties. The Hibino Group continues to evolve while creating "impressions".

The Hibino Group, as a business group providing total solutions to meet pro audiovisual and IT needs, is engaged in sales and installation of audio and video equipment, design and installation related to architectural acoustics, and audio and large-scale video services for concerts and events.

The Hibino Group firmly believes that there is only one way for it to become valuable to its customers. This can be accomplished by adding an "analog" value that can be created only by humans and by adding the state-of-the-art technology and know-how in the digital field as a "premise" to "operational technology" to identify and coordinate the infinitesimal quality of sound, hues and other elements that cannot be processed digitally. This will become complete when craftsmen's skills acquired through experience and emotions are also added.

As digitalization accelerates as at present, the professional resources of the Hibino Group in acoustics, images and lighting are creating a higher set of values and the stages awaiting these professional resources are spreading from Japan to the entire world.

With the intention of further enhancing its "total solution" function to propose integrated and comprehensive solutions to meet the ever-diversifying requirements of its customers, the Hibino Group is proactively undertaking various measures to reinforce the overall competence of the Group.