Sustainability policy

As a global company, Hibino Corporation recognizes that environmental problems are important issues for management. We contribute to the creation of a prosperous and healthy society with an active commitment to initiatives that deal with environmental problems to create a sustainable society.

To improve our environmental performance, the Company promotes environmental conservation activities with the involvement of all employees as follows:

  1. 1.To comply with all laws, regulations, and other environmental requirements of our Company.
  2. 2.To recognize the environmental aspects of the Company's activities, products, and services, striving to reduce the environmental burden and prevent pollution.
  3. 3.To set the objectives and targets and promote activities to achieve the environment policy with the aim of continuous improvement.
  4. 4.To understand the environmental impact of all our business activities and conduct the following activities to reduce the environmental burden.
    • Promote energy savings
    • Promote effective use of resources
    • Promote waste reduction and recycling

To fulfill this environment policy, we have organizational activities as well as educational activities for all employees to bring about thorough awareness of the environment policy, while also disclosing the environment policy externally and to the public.

Enacted: March 10, 2020
Hibino Corporation
President & CEO Teruhisa Hibino