Creating Emotions
Around the World
with Sounds and Visuals

The Hibino Group's Purpose is "Creating Emotions Around the World with Sounds and Visuals"
and aims to contribute to the resolution of social issues and the wellbeing of people through our business,
and to realize a sustainable world in which everyone can experience excitement and happiness.
We have established four categories of materiality and will promote initiatives that will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Four Categories of Materiality and 15 Themes for Action

Materiality Identification Process

STEP 1 Identify issues

Based on our dialogue with external experts, information gathered on global social issues, and our Group's philosophy and other policies, we have comprehensively identified issues to be addressed by the Group in response to the 17 SDGs.
A cross-departmental project team was formed to discuss and identify 376 items.

STEP 2 Categorize issues by theme

After organizing similar items, we categorized the identified issues by sustainability theme.

STEP 3 Prioritize and organize themes

Each theme was mapped and prioritized according to both its importance to stakeholders (its impact on society) and its importance to the Group, and the project team discussed and narrowed the list down to 15 potential themes.
The narrowed-down potential themes were further classified into four categories of materiality: “Delivering sound and visual images around the world,” “Contributing to a decarbonized society,” “Building a healthy and rewarding work environment,” and “Realizing a safe and secure society.”

STEP 4 Validate

The materiality identified was reviewed by senior management and finally approved by the Board of Directors.
Since it is necessary to take into account changes in the importance of issues and the emergence of new issues, it is our policy to discuss the need to review the materiality every year at the Board of Directors.

Materiality Map

Materiality Map