Hibino Group business areas

Hibino Group business areas

Audio sales and installation business

Import, sales, and system design of professional sound equipment

Business description
  • Professional sound equipment, images, sales, system design of control equipment, installation, and maintenance
  • Sales of consumer sound equipment
Business outline

Import and sales of sound equipment that is highly regarded by professionals around the world, particularly for broadcasters, studios, halls, theaters and concert PA system companies. We have a network with audio manufacturers in Japan and overseas and achieve the "Finest Sound" by building flexible systems as a multivendor.

Business strengths
  • Import agency agreements covering 83 brands* of microphones, mixing consoles, speakers, etc.
  • Providing total solutions for sound, image, and lighting control and networks, thereby demonstrating the merits of being a multivendor
  • Building a stronger customer base through consulting, engineering, and maintenance technologies based on our abundant experience and sales and service structure across 6 locations nationwide.
  • We provide both from sound space design and construction (Architectural acoustics) to audio system sales (Audio sales)

* 93 brands covered by the group as a whole

Business divisions and companies
  • Hibino Corporation hibino pro audio sales Div.
  • Hibino Spacetech Corporation
  • Hibino Intersound Corporation
  • Hibino Imagineering Corporation
  • Sama Sound Inc.
  • Sama D&I Co., Ltd.
  • Sama CDS Inc.
Business system diagram

Architectural acoustics and installation business

Architectural acoustics-related design and installation

Business description
  • Architectural acoustics-related design and installation
  • Development, manufacture, and sales of audio products
  • Sound and vibration-related consulting, investigation, and measurement
Business outline

Design and installation of high-level sound spaces spanning the gamut of spaces, from music creation spaces, such as broadcasters, studios, and halls, to cutting-edge research and development facilities. Contributing to the creation of better sound environments for society by supporting research and development for manufacturers' sounds and measures, such as sound proofing for aircraft, highway, and industrial noise based on many years of experience in soundproofing, vibration-proofing, and sound technology.

Business strengths
  • Top-of-class in Japan in both name and reality, boasting the largest team of architectural acoustics technicians in Japan. Established a responsible integrated installation structure, from planning to design, and installation of sound spaces with high levels of trust from end users such as design offices and general contractors.
  • Technology that visualizes, predicts, and identifies sound is widely deployed in various types of sound measurement systems, soundproofing-related products and merchandise, and as a consulting service.
  • Possessing a sound research development facility and promoting cutting-edge technology development (large number of acquired patents and presentations at international conferences).
  • Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Business system diagram

Development, manufacture, and sales business for image products

Development, manufacture, and sales of LED display systems

Business description
  • Development, manufacture, and sales of LED display and peripheral equipment
  • Sales, system design, installation, and maintenance of professional image and sound equipment

Business outline

Sales of our proprietary LED display systems to customers demanding professional standards of visual production, such as broadcasters, commercial facilities, sports facilities, and street signage. Our strengths are our world-class image quality combined with our proven reliability in field operations and ease of use.

Business strengths
  • We are a pioneer spanning development to manufacture and sales, being the first to recognize the possibilities of LED display systems. Having advanced image control technology, we have established our own brands of high-quality, high-definition LED display systems
  • High-value-added customized products that are designed and manufactured to meet customers' demands
  • We have achieved high reliability and usability by developing the information obtained through field operations at concerts and events from the user perspective and improved quality
Business divisions and companies
  • Hibino Corporation hibino chromatek Div.
  • Hibino Media Technical Corporation
  • Hibino Asia Pacific Limited
  • Hibino Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Limited
Business system diagram

Concert and event services business

Concert sound, live recording, and large image services for concerts and events

Business description
  • Planning, rental and operation of sound systems and image systems for concerts and events, as well as recording, live-streaming, mixing, and authoring concerts and events
  • Event planning, management, and consulting
  • Employee placement for sound, image, and system-related operators and engineers

Business outline

Covering a wide market focused on large-scale concerts and including trade shows, corporate events, conventions, sports events, and exhibitions. Bringing never-before-experienced new sensations through our strengths in sound and large images.
We have continued to lead the industry since the advent of Japan's concert and event industry.

Business strengths
  • We maintain a high share with a business foundation built up as a pioneer in concert sound systems and large image services in Japan.
  • We have one of the world's largest inventories of state-of-the art sound equipment and large visual equipment. We can install equipment of brands we represent as an import agent at affordable prices, leading the industry.
  • We have created barriers to entry through operating technology and know-how cultivated through our enormous track-record in hands-on projects and through our skilled technicians, who can extract the best performance from the equipment.
Business divisions and companies
  • Hibino Corporation hibino sound Div.
  • Hibino Corporation hibino visual Div.
  • Hibino Media Technical Corporation
  • Sigma A&V and Rental Corporation
  • Hibino USA, Inc.
  • H&X Technologies, Inc.
  • Hibino Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Limited
  • Hibino Europe B.V.
Business system diagram

Other business

Import and sales of professional lighting equipment

Business description
  • Sales, system design, and installation and maintenance of professional lighting equipment

  • Hibino Lighting Inc.
Business system diagram
Live music venues/shops managed by the Hibino Group
  • Live music venue restaurant
    "Kennedy House Ginza"

    Rock, pop, Group Sounds, and others
    A live music venue where one can listen to live music performed by exclusive bands while enjoying a meal

  • Live Music Food & Bar

    A live music venue where one can enjoy the vocal power of talented artists of varying genres on a nightly basis

  • Boutique

    Creating a richer music scene that includes live performance and festivals. Official Boutique