February 2020 Made Sigma A&V and Rental Corporation a 100% subsidiary.
December 2019 Established Hibino Europe B.V. in Kingdom of the Netherlands as a 100% subsidiary.
August 2019 Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co.,Ltd. made SANOH CORPORATION as a 100% subsidiary.
April 2019 NIPPON SHEET GLASS ENVIRONMENT AMENITY CO.,LTD as a 100% subsidiary. The company changed its name to NIPPON ENVIRONMENT AMENITY CO.,LTD in June 2019.
February 2019 Hibino USA, Inc. made TLS PRODUCTIONS, INC. in USA a subsidiary.
January 2019 Made Sama Sound Inc., Sama D&I Co., Ltd. and Sama CDS Inc. in Korea a subsidiary.
December 2018 Made TECHNO HOUSE INC. a 100% subsidiary.
May 2018 Established Hibino Entertainment Corporation as a 100% subsidiary.
January 2018 Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co.,Ltd. established a subsidiary NOE Asia Pacific Company Limited in Thailand.
May 2017 Established Hibino USA, Inc. and H&X Technologies, Inc. in the USA as a 100% subsidiary.
December 2016 Made JVCKENWOOD Arcs Corporation a subsidiary. The company changed its name to Hibino Arcs Corporation in July 2017.
April 2016 Made ELECTORI CO.,LTD. a 100% subsidiary.
April 2015 Made Nittobo Acoustic Engineering Co., Ltd. a 100% subsidiary. The company changed its name to Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co.,Ltd. in July 2015.
November 2014 Made Medianix Inc. a 100% sub-subsidiary. Merged Medianix Inc. into the Hibino Media Technical Corporation in April 2016.
March 2014 Made Covalent Sales Corporation a 100% subsidiary.
July 2013 Made First Engineering Co., Ltd. a 100% subsidiary. The company changed its name to Hibino Lighting Inc. in February 2016.
June 2013 Made Eightythree Corporation a 100% subsidiary.
January 2013 Made Broadcast Equipment Service Co., Ltd. a 100% sub-subsidiary.
November 2011 Made Hibino Asia Pacific Limited and Hibino Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Limited 100% subsidiaries.
October 2010 Made VICTOR ARCS Co., Ltd. an equity-method affiliated company. The company changed its name to JVCKENWOOD Arcs Corporation in July 2014.
July 2010 Transferred part of the production and professional visual equipment distribution agency business to subsidiary Media Technical Co., Ltd., which changed the corporate name to Hibino Media Technical Corporation.
April 2010 Established Hibino Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Limited in Shanghai, China.
January 2009 Transferred part of the import and sales agency business to Heavy Moon, Inc., which changed its corporate name to Hibino Intersound Corporation.
May 2008 Made Studer Japan Broadcast Ltd. a 100% subsidiary. Merged Studer Japan Broadcast Ltd. into the Hibino Corporation in October 2019.
December 2007 Made Heavy Moon, Inc. a 100% subsidiary.
August 2007 Established Hibino Asia Pacific Limited as a local corporation in Hong Kong.
April 2007 Established Hibino Europe Limited in the United Kingdom as a 100% subsidiary.
April 2007 Made Item Plus Co., Ltd. a 100% subsidiary. Merged Item Plus Co., Ltd. into the hibino chromatek Div. in January 2009.
September 2006 Made Media Technical Co., Ltd a 100% subsidiary.
August 2006 Obtained a license for the construction of telecommunications facilities (No. 21843) from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
February 2006 Listed its shares on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange (Current Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard)).
July 2004 Merged hibino.com corporation and took over the company's event planning, design and consulting business, as well as the image and sound distribution services provided via the Internet.
March 2003 Obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification for our quality management system.
November 2002 Integrated the business of Hibino Chromatek Co., Ltd. into Hibino Corporation and began developing and manufacturing visual equipment.
October 2002 Made hibino.com corporation a 100% subsidiary through the exchange of shares.
June 2000 Established hibino.com corporation to begin image and sound distribution services on the Internet.
April 1995 Opened the Nagoya Branch.
February 1995 Invested in Chromatek Inc. and began supporting the development of its products and sales. (The company changed its name to Hibino Chromatek Co, Ltd. in August 2001.)
October 1991 Opened the Sapporo Branch.
June 1990 Obtained a license (No. 83271) from the Governor of Tokyo as a company engaged in the construction of telecommunication facilities
May 1989 Began system design, sale and maintenance services for visual equipment to be installed permanently at corporate showrooms and exhibition facilities
April 1989 Opened the Fukuoka Branch
June 1988 Changed the corporate name to Hibino Corporation and moved the head office to Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
November 1987 Began installation services for sound, visual and computer systems.
February 1987 Upgraded the base in Osaka to the Osaka Branch.
April 1985 Began rental and operation services for large visual equipment.
May 1984 Began the visual business on a full scale.
November 1983 Moved the head office to Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
July 1983 Opened a base in Osaka.
September 1976 Moved the head office to Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
April 1971 Began rental, installation and operation services for concert sound equipment.
November 1964 Established as Hibino Electro Sound Inc. with 800,000 JPY in capital, being developed from Hibino Electric, which was founded in June 1956; and started the design, sale and repair of professional sound equipment.