Import and sale of professional sound equipment

We import and sell high quality sound equipment of overseas brands that are highly rated among professionals around the world. We help customers build the systems that meet their needs in our capacity as a multivendor who provides system components, related services, and maintenance technologies with great flexibility and latitude.

System configurations possible only from a multivendor

The product lineup of Hibino includes AKG, CROWN, Lexicon Pro and other brands that are highly rated and trusted by professionals across the world. The network we have built up with sound equipment manufacturers in Japan and abroad over a history of more than 50 years represents an invaluable asset for the hibino pro audio sales Div. We can configure a range of components into a sound system, because we are a multivendor and not bound by any single manufacturer, and this has resulted in our top-class sales in the industry.

Appropriate consulting ability based on abundant experience

Professional customers want to produce the sounds that are the best for the specific place, purpose and audience. Based on this understanding, we offer careful consulting services to provide customers with the sound equipment and systems that can meet all of their needs in a precise manner. At our six sales bases located across the country, staff members versed in the latest sound systems support customers as their partners, from the planning stage through to the maintenance of the established systems.

Import brand

  • AKG
  • dbx
  • Lexicon PRO
  • Soundcraft